Lizzy Turns into a Ghost for Her Solo Debut?

After School and Orange Caramel member Lizzy has released behind-the-scenes images from the set of her solo debut music video.

In the series of images, Lizzy is almost unrecognizable as she is dressed up like a ghost, complete with long black wig and pale makeup. She is standing against a purple backdrop, and with each image, gets closer to the camera in a scary pose.

The music video for Lizzy’s solo debut will be directed by producer group Digipedi, who are well-known for their quirky music videos for Orange Caramel’s “Catallena,” “My Copycat,” and “Lipstick.” They have also directed numerous music videos for other artists as well.

The first teaser for the music video will be released on January 19.

Lizzy’s very first solo project will be a trot single.