Sunny and Nana Share Their Thoughts on Marriage and Dating on “Roommate”

On the January 13 episode of SBS reality show “Roommate,” Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and Orange Caramel’s Nana shared their thoughts on marriage and dating.

“I didn’t when I was younger, but now I want to get married,” Nana shared, to which Sunny replied, “Do you have to get married? You can just date.”

She continued, “Right now, I just want to date casually. I want to experience my heart pounding. I want to receive a text message and worry [about how to respond], hold the phone and worry over it for a long time.”

Nana interjected, “I’m not like that at all. I hate playing hard to get. I don’t see why you have to [play games] when you like someone.”

Sunny was also asked whether she had dated since debuting. She gave an unexpected response, “What kind of dating?”

When asked whether there are different kinds of dating, Sunny insisted there are, “Isn’t there serious dating and casual dating?”

Lee Gook Joo, who was intensely watching Sunny and Nana’s exchange, asked Sunny to count all of the relationships, regardless of whether they were serious or casual.

Sunny shocked Nana and Lee Gook Joo by asking, “Do I have to count that far?”

As if coming to her senses she suddenly said, “Wait, I am on air, aren’t I?”

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