Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko Starting off New Hip Hop Project and Collaborating with Yankie, Beenzino and Babylon

Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko and rapper Yankie will be collaborating for a digital single in the new music project called “NEWorkend.” Amoeba Culture, the hip hop label of Gaeko and Yankie, will be releasing more digital singles for this new project.


The first song of the project is titled “Cheers” and is featuring 1llionaire’s Beenzino and a rookie vocal Babylon.

Different from their previous project “NOWorkend,” “NEWorkend” is to feature artists from other hip hop labels. Project “NOWorkend” had featured famous artists from Amoeba Culture such as Zion.T, Dynamic Duo, and Supreme Team. Many hip hop fans are waiting for fresh collaborations of Amoeba Culture with other hip hop labels.

Meanwhile, the digital single will be released on January 22.