Lee Min Ho Talks about His New Movie, Sunbae Kim Rae Won, and Plans for 2015 in Interview

In an interview with Star News, Lee Min Ho talked about his new movie “Gangnam 1970,” life as an actor, and plans for this year.

During the interview, Lee Min Ho expressed that he had a hard time synchronizing with his role for the new movie, and had to work extra hard in order to become Jong Dae, his character in “Gangnam 1970.” When asked what the director wanted from him in the movie, he replied, “He kept on telling me my face looks too good, meaning that it looked too [well taken care of] for the movie’s setting. So even when I wasn’t on set, I tried to have negative thoughts. I didn’t even put lotion on or look at a mirror in order to look [unwell]. After the filming was over, I actually heard from others that my face looked [unhealthy].”

About his co-star Kim Rae Won, he said, “Sunbae Kim Rae Won was in the same management company as me the first time I got into an agency. So I knew him since I was a child. There wasn’t any kind of competition. Sunbae never told me to act a certain way [since he’s the senior]. After sharing his thoughts with me, he always asked for my opinion.”

The interviewer also asked him if fame had changed him after becoming a Hallyu star. He answered, “I think I changed. People change depending on the environment they’re in. I used to go play [computer games] and go to billiards with my friends [every day], but I can’t do that anymore. If someone asks me whether I’ve changed, I tend to [admit that I did] coolly. But I wasn’t told by anyone yet that my personality changed. If someone tells me that, I would be pretty upset.”

He ended the interview by sharing his plans for 2015. About how busy he will be this year, he commented, “I want to work all year without taking any breaks. I want to work a lot in my 20’s. [For this year] I’m hoping to be in one movie and one drama. Like sunbae Kim Rae Won’s character from drama “Rooftop Room Cat,” I want to play a person who’s unemployed in their 20’s. For a movie, I would like to be in a big-scale film made for entertainment. A love story with a good message would be okay too.”

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