Sung Joon Is a Sexy and Intelligent Doctor In “Hyde, Jekyll, Me”

Character cuts of Sung Joon from the new drama “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” have been released. The photos show Sung Joon transformed as an intelligent and sexy hypnotherapist named Yoon Tae Joo.

In the pictures, Sung Joon is seen wearing a stylish suit, portraying his character’s image of a gentle doctor. He gives a slight smile and a stare that seems to penetrate the heart. He charms viewers by showing off a side of him that has not been shown before.

Sung Joon plays a hypnotherapist, character that is not commonly seen in dramas. In the drama, he was trained by Shin Eun Jung’s character, who is the doctor treating Hyun Bin’s character. He has a scene where he slowly hypnotizes Han Ji Min’s character with his deep and smooth voice. Playing a character with good looks and a gentle and humorous personality, Sung Joon is likely to win over a lot of female viewers.

“Hyde, Jekyll, Me” tells the story of a man with two personalities, one who is the world’s meanest man and one who is the world’s nicest man. Han Ji Min’s character is to fall in love with both personalities. “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” airs its first episode on January 21.

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