Lee Yoo Ri’s Debut Photo Shows off Her Innocent Look

Actress Lee Yoo Ri appeared on KBS2’s “Invisible Man,” where her debut photo became a hot topic.

The actress had made her debut with the KBS drama, “School 4” in 2001 at the age of 21. As she reminisced about those days, the host of the show asked if he could show an old  picture to the viewers.

Lee Yoo Ri quickly replied, “No!” in embarrassment, but still  ended up revealing a past picture.

“The only difference between then and now is my face. Everything else is pretty much the same,” she said.

Compared to her innocent look as a rookie actress, Lee Yoo Ri has really changed as her style since then.

Just a few weeks ago Lee Yoo Ri won the grand prize at the MBC Drama Awards for her antagonist role in “Jang Bo Ri Is Here!”  

The new KBS2 variety show, “Invisible Man” is hosted by Kang Ho Dong.  Guests on the show play games in order to get a job.