JYJ’s Junsu to Release a New Solo Album in March

JYJ member Junsu will make a comeback in March this year, according to his talent agency C-JeS Entertainment.

On January 16, an agency representative announced, “Junsu will be making his solo comeback in March. After releasing the new album, he will continue to hold concerts in both Korea and Japan. Junsu is currently putting a lot of effort into making the new album’s title track. Listeners will be able to see a huge change in style in the new album.”

Junsu made his solo debut in 2012 with the album “Tarantallegra,” and followed it up with the sophomore effort “Incredible,” which dropped over a year and a half ago. The latter album was a blend of R&B, dance, nu-soul and funk musical stylings, so fans will be keen to see in which musical direction the JYJ star decides to embark for his new release.