The Boss’ Mika Currently Recovering After Surgery for Ear Infection That Caused Facial Paralysis

It has belatedly been reported that The Boss’ Mika received surgery after experiencing an ear infection (otitis media) that lead to intermittent facial paralysis.

On January 16, The Boss’ agency, Poom Entertainment, revealed that Mika has continued to fight a middle ear infection that resulted in facial paralysis at one point. It is said that Mika underwent surgery on January 8.

For a long time, The Boss member suffered from pain and bleeding from his ear due to a ball-shaped tissue that formed in the middle of his ear. Despite the pain and symptoms of facial paralysis, Mika endured and finished up group promotions until the end.

An agency rep explained, “The surgery was completed successfully and he is currently in the middle of recovering. He will take time off to recover before working on the next album productions.”

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