Polaris Entertainment Would Like to Reveal Texts in Question to Prove Innocence Against Clara's Sexual Harrassment Claim

Polaris Entertainment, which is in a lawsuit against Clara, says that it would like Clara’s consent in revealing the entirety of the texts in question.

It was revealed on January 14 that Clara filed a countersuit, saying that the CEO of Polaris Entertainment sexually harassed her over texts. However, on January 16, Polaris Entertainment revealed that they would like to reveal the entire text conversation to prove their innocent.

They also revealed that they would like to reveal Clara’s contract with the agency, and asked for Clara’s consent to do so.

Polaris said, “We would like to reveal the texts that Clara exchanged with the CEO, which is the core of the controversy, as well as the exclusive agency contract between Clara and the agency. However, should we reveal the information one-sidedly, there is a problem of confidentiality as well as [possibility for it to be interpreted as] slander towards Clara, so we ask for her consent.”

Clara signed her contract with Polaris Entertainment last June, however, she showed differences with the company in September, asking for nullification of the contract, but it was not approved. Afterwards, Polaris Entertainment sued Clara for making threats in October, and mid-December, Clara filed a lawsuit against Polaris Entertainment to ask for nullification of the contract, citing sexual harassment from the CEO of the company. However, Polaris Entertainment argues that Clara did not keep her end of the contract, and in order to nullify the contract, she is making up slandering lies.

There is also a disagreement between Clara and Polaris Entertainment regarding the interpretation of their ‘agency contract.’ Clara has been describing Polaris Entertainment as an ‘agency’ as opposed to a ‘management company,’ meaning that it helps her land commercial and movie deals, but does not manage her completely. However, Polaris Entertainment argues that the contract was such that it should be interpreted for Clara to be viewed as an entertainer in the industry, and in order to settle the differences, they would like to reveal the texts and agency contract.

It doesn’t seem likely that Clara will consent to their offer.

Clara already underwent two investigations last December regarding the case, and she is avoiding talking about the case after leaving the case to a law firm.

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