Lee Chae Young Shares Her Surprising Meetings With Hollywood Stars on “Witch Hunt”

Lee Chae Young revealed that she had a special connection with Hollywood stars.

On the 75th episode of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt,” which was aired January 16, Lee Chae Young said, “I have met many Hollywood actors while traveling. While in Macau, I met David Beckham, and in Paris, I saw Sandra Bullock. Once, when I went to a club owned by a friend I met during traveling, I saw Jay-Z perform as well. “

The MCs couldn’t hide their awe, saying, “It is so amazing that you could meet all these celebrities when it is usually hard to see even one.”

Also, in the second half of the show “Turn off the green light,” Lee Chae Young shared her own experiences while listening to a man troubled by his overspending girlfriend.

“I used to travel, even when I didn’t have much left in my bank account, until  I was 28 years old,” she said. “However, my values changed as I got older. Just trust your girlfriend and wait for her to come around.”