Jun Hyun Moo Receives Treatment for His Severe Snoring

Jun Hyun Moo put on a CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) machine to treat his severe obstructive snoring.

On the January 16 episode of MBC’s variety program “I Live Alone,” Jun Hyun Moo visited a sleep lab to diagnose and get treatment for his severe snoring.

He slept for five hours at the sleep lab, and he was diagnosed with severe snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

The doctor said, “Jun Hyun Moo woke up over 140 times while he slept. Most of these occurences happened because he had to take a breath in the middle of an apneic episode. It’s very severe.” He added, “The sleep is not restful at all, and if I were to exaggerate, the chance that he will die in the next 10 years is twice as high compared to another person.”

The doctor then said, “There are a few treatment options, one is to cut out some jaw bone and the other is to cut some of the tongue, but considering his work, it would seem impossible for him to get the tongue surgery. Since you are very active, I think it would be best if you used a non-surgical option, which is the CPAP machine.”

At this, Jun Hyun Moo revealed some worries, saying, “Do I have to use this machine for the rest of my life? Do I have to take this everywhere?” but when he put it on at night, he seemed to be happy with its air supply.

The CPAP machine is a treatment for obstructive sleep apnea; it provides continuous air flow to the lungs so that it opens up the patient’s airways as they sleep.

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