Kangnam Is Unrecognizable After His New Hairdo in

Singer Kangnam gave a change to his image by cutting his hair and dying it. However, few seemed to recognize him after his transformation.

In MBC’s “I Live Alone,” which aired on January 16, Kangnam was shown to have changed his hairstyle after a long debate.

Kangnam, who was known for his blonde hair, showed up with dark colored hair and much shorter hair.


Kim Kwang Gyu reacted to his transformation by saying, “It’s too calm. It suits you, but you lost your character. It feels like you are wearing a wig.”

Kangnam, worried about the negative comments, said, “What if people don’t recognize me anymore?”

kim kwang gyu's opinion

In determination to see whether or not he would be noticed with his new hairdo, he headed out to a bus station. However, while he was pacing around, nobody seemed to notice him at all. In desperation, he even mentioned his own name by saying, “I’m heading over to Kangnam,” but nobody seemed to realize the presence of the idol.

His next stop was his neighborhood market, where only the owner of a shop he regularly visits noticed him. When a man stared at Kangnam, getting his hopes up, the idol asked if the man knew who he was. Sadly, the answer was no.

In response to all the people who did not recognize him, he said, “I will have to work harder. And better.”

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