Kim Kyung Ho Becomes a Member of EXID on “Immortal Song”; Fits Right In

Rocker Kim Kyung Ho transformed himself into a member of girl group EXID on KBS2’s “Immortal Song.”

The popular girl group members were featured on “Immortal Song,” where they were asked if they could perform a bit of “Up & Down,” which belatedly brought the girls music shows success.

As the idols performed, the hosts called for Kim Kyung Ho to join them on the stage. Persuaded, he not only danced with them, he underwent an entire make-up and wardrobe change.

To the surprise of everyone, Kim Kyung Ho danced almost perfectly in sync with the girl group.

“Immortal Song” is a show where singers perform covers of classics and are pitted against each other with audience votes. The show airs every Saturday on KBS2.

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