Hong Jong Hyun Kisses Yura for First Time on “We Got Married”

Actor Hong Jong Hyun kissed Yura from Girl’s Day in the hit MBC show, “We Got Married.”

The two of them were out on a drive during their date. Yura then pulled out one of her “Husband Vouchers” wherein the user can make a request of the other. She asked Hong Jong Hyun about skinship, and the actor replied he was too shy for any sort of public displays of affection (PDA). He said he found it more comfortable to be alone with Yura in the car.

When the car ran into a red traffic light, Yura asked for a kiss on her cheek. After failing on his first try out of embarrassment, he finally managed to plant a loving kiss on her cheek on the second try.

After their first kiss, Hong Jong Hyun blushed and had to open the car window to get some air. However, Yura held a smile of pleasure.

“I feel good. I’m glad we got past the first big obstacle in our relationship. I’m looking forward to hurdling over the second one,” she said.

kiss kiss

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