Mad Clown Says that He Feels Relieved His Album Did Well

Rapper Mad Clown had a brief interview about his new mini-album, “Piece of Mine,” in the waiting room of KBS’Music Bank.”

When confronted about his recent album, the rapper said, “People liked the album more than I had expected. It kind of gives me a sense of relief.”

He went on to say, “I was really worried. Before the album was released, I did not feel confident in it. But after it was released, I was really relieved it did well. Now all I’m thinking about is my next album.”

“After I made some rough sketches of my music, I really focused on producing them for two straight months. It was really difficult wrapping up production. I didn’t rush it, and I took my time, but it just kept getting pushed back and back,” said Mad Clown when asked about the length of time it took for him to produce the album.

Madclown’s hit single, “Fire,” gained a lot of traction with listeners, and his third mini-album, “Piece of Mine,” did just as well.