SG Wannabe to Make a Comeback After 4 Years

Vocal group SG Wannabe, comprised of Kim Yong Joon, Lee Suk Hoon, and Kim Jin Ho, is set to make a comeback after four years under a contract with CJ E&M.

According to insiders from the music industry, the group signed a contract with CJ E&M, and will begin working on a new album.

“The three members [of SG Wannabe] met with CJ E&M and signed a contract,” said an official from the music industry. “On top of album and performance production, CJ E&M has agreed to act as managers for the group who currently has no agency.”

“Because they have only just started working on their album, there is yet to be an official release date,” the official added.

SG Wannabe debuted in 2004 with their hit song, “Timeless.” From 2005 to 2007, the group greatly impacted the ballad scene in Korea.