“We Got Married” Captions Parody Lee Byung Hun’s Scandalous Texts to Lee Ji Yeon

We Got Married” is receiving attention for the captions that went out while Hong Jin Young and Namgoong Min were on a date.

On the January 17 episode of MBC’s variety show “We Got Married,” Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young were on a date in Macau when some captions that were reminiscent of the texts that Lee Byung Hun sent to model Lee Ji Yeon during their scandal were used.

On the episode, Hong Jin Young conducted an event just for Namgoong Min, having recorded a song for him. To this, captions went out that said, “I’m thinking about 300 days, romance, and succeeding,” parodying the texts that Lee Byung Hun sent to Lee Ji Yeon to the question, “Is tomorrow going to be romantic?”

Meanwhile, on this episode of “We Got Married,” the Hong Jung HyunYura couple, who went on their 200-day anniversary date, the Song Jae Rim – Kim So Eun couple, who traveled to Turkey for their honeymoon, and the Namgoong Min – Hong Jin Young couple, who wrapped up their trip to Macau, appeared on the show.

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