“We Got Married” Hong Jin Young and Namgoong Min Share What Color Underwear They’re Wearing

On the January 17 broadcast of MBC’s virtual marriage show “We Got Married,” Namgoong Min shocked Hong Jin Young when he said about their marriage, “It must be kwontaegi (a period when a marriage has grown stale).”

“Compared to the beginning, it’s…” Namgoong Min started, but Hong Jin Young interjected, “You don’t feel anything at all? How can you say something like that?”

Hong Jin Young shared, “I was shocked. At that time the line from ‘My Sassy Girl’ came to mind.”

She leaned over and listened into Namgoong Min’s ear, “I wore red underwear.” Namgoong Min replied in surprise, “Honey, what are you saying.”

Hong Jin Young asked, “Do you not feel anything?” Namgoong Min replied, “Are you mad? Why am I getting hot?”

Namgoong Min attempted to whisper something into Hong Jin Young’s ear but gave up. But finally with Hong Jin Young’s urging he said, “I’m wearing black underwear,” making Hong Jin Young burst out in laughter.

Namgoong Min shared later, “I was extremely flustered. I think [Hong Jin Young] thought that would be a way to overcome our kwontaegi. I know she didn’t approach me with that sentiment, but it was cute.”

Hong Jin Young said, “What is kwontaegi? If I do things like that every so often won’t it spur oppa? I’m going to make sure he’s always on edge. Watch and see.”

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