Kim So Eun Jokes She will Cook Song Jae Rim on “We Got Married”

On the January 17 episode of “We Got Married,” Kim So Eun surprised her “husband” Song Jae Rim by joking that she will make a dish out him. The episode was filled with Kim So Eun continually provoking Song Jae Rim.

The couple shared a meal in Turkey and they talked about the best and worst food they ate. While Kim So Eun talked about the various foods they ate in Turkey, Song Jae Rim teased Kim So Eun by bringing up a dish she made for him when they first met, which did not come out great. Kim So Eun got upset that he mentioned it, so when Song Jae Rim asked, “What’s the best dish you make?” Kim So Eun teasingly replied, “I’ll cook you up.”

Song Jae Rim was so surprised he spat out the food that was in his mouth, making the two break out in laughter.

This episode of “We Got Married” shows the Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young couple on a trip to Macao, the Hong Jong Hyun and Yura couple on a date to celebrate their 200th day anniversary, and the Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun couple on their honeymoon to Turkey.

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