Secret’s Jung Hana Tricks Dam Yool into Giving Her a Kiss on “Oh! My Baby”

On the January 17 broadcast of the variety show “Oh! My Baby,” Secret’s Hyosung and Jung Hana visited Kim Jung Min and his son, Dam Yool. Jung Hana went through many struggles to get a kiss from Dam Yool making various attempts to win Dam Yool over. Dam Yool was not easily won over.

Dam Yool accepted a kiss from Hyosung and even fed her a cookie but did not share anything with Jung Hana. Jung Hana pretended to cry, danced, and asked for a cookie but Dam Yool would not give it to her.

Jung Hana said in her interview, “Dam Yool played hard-to-get with me all day. Do you know how I finally got a kiss? I put a piece of corn on my check and as he ate it I got a kiss.” Kim Jung Min laughed, saying “If it were me I would kiss her right away!”

“Oh! My Baby” is a reality show featuring the families of Ricky Kim, Kim Jung Min, Son Joon Ho, and Kim Tae Woo.

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