Highlights: AOA Steals Hearts (Again) on AS4U

AOA fans are very lucky, as the group returned to “A Song For You” for a second time this season! Perhaps the only people more excited about this return than fans are Kangin and Sungjae – who are both very obvious fans of the group.
Despite the absence of Jimin and Mina from this episode, the rest of the members worked hard to make the episode both hilarious and adorable while MC Amber had her hands full keeping her fellow MCs’ fanboying in check.

Check out our highlights for “A Song For You” Episode 20 and don’t forget to catch it on SoompiTV!

1. Kangin’s creeper smile.


He is actually so excited that the guest is AOA that he completely loses control of his face. This is the only explanation for that “smile” that I can think of.

2. Sungjae’s crush on all of AOA.

as4u-sungjae-open-mouthed-adoration as4u-sungjae-shy-boy

Open-mouthed adoration, blushing, and even trying to hide his obvious glee at AOA’s dancing – Kangin has some competition for #1 AOA fanboy!

3. The first ever “cat aegyo parade.”


To suit their song “Like A Cat,” AOA proves that they have aegyo down pat. Men, women, children – prepare to have your hearts melt.

4. A new, unique way to use paper cups!

as4u-20-amber-cup-jenga as4u-20-aoa-cup-jenga-1

The game of the episode was “zig-zag paper cup jenga!” The perfect new game to play with all your friends, or Korean idols if you ever have the opportunity to chill with them.

5. The performances!

as4u-20-aoa-performance-1 as4u-20-aoa-performance-2

AOA had two extra special songs – a never-before-seen performance of “Girls’ Heart” and a cover of Keyshia Cole’s “Fallin’ Out!”

Remember to check out the FULL episode HERE and keep Amber’s advice in mind:


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