Shoo Reveals Baby Pictures; Looks Identical to Her Own Twin Daughters

S.E.S member Shoo’s childhood pictures were revealed, where she looks like a carbon copy of her twin daughters.

On the January 11 episode of MBC’s “Happy Time,” everything about the legendary girl group S.E.S was revealed.

On this day, Shoo’s childhood pictures were shown, and she revealed that with her adorable looks, she was always the center of attention. In particular, the picture surprised everyone as she looks almost indistinguishable from her two twin daughters, Ra Hee and Ra Yool, with the chubby cheeks and everything.

Meanwhile, Shoo appeared on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge – Saturday Saturday Is a Singer” with band member Bada and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun to perform as S.E.S once again. Shoo married ex-basketball player Im Hyo Sung in 2010, and is now the mother of one son and two daughters.