“20 Once Again” Starring Luhan Sets New Record

According to CJ E&M, “20 Once Again,” the Chinese remake of hit movie “Miss Granny,” premiered on approximately 5,500 screens on January 8 and in just nine days scored 200,840,000 CNY (approximately 32,350,000 USD) in sales, setting the box office record for Korean-Chinese co-produced films.

“20 Once Again” has occupied first place in the Chinese box office for eight days straight, beating out Hollywood blockbuster “Night At the Museum 3” and Director Tsui Hark’s 3D mega-action film “The Taking of Tiger Mountain.”

“20 Once Again” is a comedy film starring former EXO member Luhan, Chen Bolin and Yang Zishan. The movie tells the story of a granny in her seventies who curses like a sailor and the chaos that ensues when she is transformed back to her twenty-year-old self.

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