Lee Min Ho Can’t Watch “Boys Over Flowers” without Cringing from Cheesiness

Actor Lee Min Ho revealed his honest opinion about “Boys Over Flowers.”

On MBCSection TV,” aired on January 18, Lee Min Ho said that he couldn’t bear watching “Boys Over Flowers,” the drama that brought him to fame.

Lee Min Ho Cringes

“I can’t help but cringe,” he said. “It’s so cheesy.”

When asked how he managed to act in “Boys Over Flowers,” he said, “I really had no other option.”

He also named the show as the turning point of his life, calling it by “curly hair,” referring to the strong curls of his character Koo Joon Pyo.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho also introduced his role in his latest movie, “Gangnam 1970.”

Despite his frequent roles as a millionaire, he revealed that his character was far from wealthy in this movie.

“Back in the 70s, Gangnam was a wasteland and junkmen existed as well,” he said. “I’m literally just a beggar.”

He also added, “My face is very rough now because I wasn’t taking care of it while filming the movie. Its just recovering.”

Lee Min Ho Gangnam Style

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