Text Messages Exchanged by Clara and Polaris CEO Revealed

An exclusive report by Dispatch has revealed text messages exchanged by Clara and Polaris Entertainment, both sides of which have thus far made very different claims. Clara claims in her suit that she was sexually harassed by the CEO of Polaris, while Polaris says that Clara has breached her contract several times and fabricated the sexual harassment story in an attempt at getting out of her contract with the agency.

According to a previous report by Channel A on January 14, the Polaris CEO had sent Clara several texts of a suggestive nature. However, the text messages included in the recent exclusive report show otherwise. They exhibit an overall friendly atmosphere between the Polaris CEO and Clara prior to the signing of the contract, with conversation largely initiated by Clara, and even include messages – exchanged on June 2, July 11, and 15 – in which Clara sends a photo of herself at the gym or revealing photos of her underwear photo shoot to the CEO, asking him what he thinks.

During contract negotiations, however, conversation becomes stiff, and the previously pleasant relationship between the CEO and Clara becomes strained, as Polaris undergoes the tragedy of the Ladies’ Code accident and Clara and Polaris are unable to reach an agreement regarding the contract (which was signed on June 23), namely its announcement to press, during a time when Clara already had issues with her previous agencies – if her exclusive contract with Polaris went public, she would have to pay a penalty fee for breaching her previous exclusive contract.

UpdateClara’s Lawyer Responds to Report Revealing Text Messages: “Less Than Half Revealed”

Here are the translated text messages:

May 29, 2014

Clara: Director, good morning ^^

CEO: We’ll do the same time and place tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

(after the meeting)

Clara: Director~ You seemed to be in a good mood yesterday. I was happy ^^ Thank you.

CEO: I was in an especially good mood, and finished late after having a lot of wine. Once we start working together, I think I’ll find a new energy.

Clara: You’re probably really busy, but I think it would be nice to see each other often. Talking to you, I’m able to get my complicated thoughts in order.

Clara: You’re a really cool person. It’s fun when we’re together. ^^ Thank you, for looking on me nicely.

CEO: While it wasn’t for a very long time, I enjoyed talking with you the several times we’ve met. Let’s adjust our schedules and meet from time to time. And we can have wine too.

Clara: Good wine had with good people is so much better ^^


June 1, 2014

Clara: Director, good morning ^^

CEO: Good morning! I’m at church.

Clara: When you are available, please give me a call. Do you have time for some tea?

CEO: I have time at 3. And I’m open for dinner, too.

Clara: Director, I hope you get home safely. If you have time, if you watch my “Like a Virgin” on “x” Channel you can think about me some more ^^

CEO: Okay, Ill watch it. It’ll be busy from tomorrow, so get some rest.

Clara: (emoticon) Good night.

CEO: Good night.


June 2, 2014

Clara: Yes, Director, I’m filming right now.

Clara: (sends photo from gym)

Clara: I’ve never uploaded a photo on SNS that hasn’t been written about on the news. And it’s always on the main page.

Clara: (sends screenshot of a news article)

Clara: And then you just take it from here and bang~ blow it up on a global scale.

CEO: You make something difficult sound so easy.

Clara: Director~ [working with me] will be fun *^^*


June 5, 2014

CEO: You’re filming now? I’m headed home after having some wine. Have a good day.

Clara: (emoticon) I just finished and had a bath ^^ You were great today, too!


June 10, 2014

Clara: I arrived in Cebu and I’m filming now ^^

Clara: (picture)

CEO: The scenery is really great.. It must be hot though. It’s pretty safe in Cebu, right?

Clara: Haha It’s so busy there’s not much time to be meeting any perverts.

CEO: It sounds like you’re saying there are no perverts but the public security isn’t that great… Do well and let’s talk again.

Clara: Okay ^^ I’ll be careful~


June 14, 2014

Clara: Tada~~ I’m back ^^

Clara: Director, have a good weekend! I’ll see you on Monday.

CEO: Welcome back.. Let’s meet Monday evening.


June 18, 2014

Clara: My father is the head of Koreana Clara’s legal department, so he has to be there, but he’s overseas golfing. I’m really sorry but could we meet on June 20?

CEO: I’m okay, but this is something that we were really busy trying to finish up. Pushing it back after hurrying it along won’t look good to the staff. I told them late last night that you were coming at 10 today.

Clara: I’m really sorry. I ended really late last night and I just found out today ㅠㅠ. I’ll explain to lawyer Moon.

CEO: Okay, I’ll explain. And I think it would be good for me to meet your father personally.

CEO: Just send me the Japanese agency contract by mail or fax.

Clara: Okay! (heart emoticon)

Clara: I’ll contact you once I get to Shanghai.

Clara: (picture)


June 21, 2014

Clara: Director, good morning~ (emoticon)

CEO: Good morning~ did you rest well?

Clara: I think filming is going to end after 7 today. When can we meet?

CEO: If we’re going to talk over wine, anytime is good, but if we’re meeting to wrap up the contract, it won’t be just us, will it?

CEO: If that’s the case you should be sure of the time and place. I hope it won’t be delayed any longer.

Clara: I’m sorry that there have been a lot of changes to the schedule. It’s frustrating that things aren’t going as I had hoped. I hope to finish things as soon as possible and finally start working together.

Clara: I’ll let you know right away about the schedule.


June 29, 2014

Clara: Director, good morning~

CEO: Good morning! Did you rest well? I’m at church.

Clara: Aha! It’s Sunday. This is my only day off after working [all week]. I should’ve gone to church ㅠ. When do you get out?

CEO: Service is over and I’m headed to lunch. I think I’ll be done at around 4.


July 11, 2014

Clara: Director, I have another underwear shoot, so I’m not eating. ㅠ. Please buy me something good~~<3

CEO: Hang in there! I’ll buy you something nice to eat when you’re finished.

Clara: Okay (sends heart)


July 15, 2014

Clara: (sends photos from underwear photo shoot)

Clara: I’m sorry I keep showing you weakness. I’ll do better.

CEO: It’s pretty! Just don’t stress me out, and I’ll do well too.


July 17, 2014

Clara: What do you think?

(Sends photos of August underwear photoshoot)

CEO: Your gaze and poses are seductive.

Clara: Oh yeah! Of course, Director, you’ve got a good eye. I’m glad you noticed!


July 23, 2014

Clara: Director. As we initially discussed, it’s safest for me if I carry out my activities as being under Koreana Clara.

Clara: I would appreciate it if you didn’t distribute any press releases regarding an exclusive contract.

Clara: This is because of issues with previous agencies, and I would be met with a lot of criticism.

Clara: If you truly wish to protect me, then please, as we discussed, help me quietly and anonymously. Please. I’m always thankful.

CEO: Changing the exclusivity of the contract is not the goal, so you don’t have to worry about that. But not only do I not understand about helping you quietly and anonymously, I don’t think that is relevant.

CEO: It seems that rather than having trust in me, you still are of the same opinion as [Mr. Kim].


July 30, 2014

CEO: I hope that you grow to be a celebrity that works hard and doesn’t just calculate what’s best for herself.

CEO: I’m a good person, but to bad people, I can also be a very scary person. I don’t want to show you my scary side.

CEO: No matter what bad influence tries to move you, if you stand your ground, it’s okay.

Clara: Director, after claiming to want to protect me, you sent a certification of contents [on revealing the contract terms] after just a day. As you said, you’ve become a scary person.

CEO: Who sent it? I didn’t know about it. If there’s a problem, of course we would send a certification of contents.

Clara: I’ve already received it from you.

CEO: I just approved it, and there is nothing that’s not true, and nothing that suggests anything negative. We only have good intentions. Why are you being so sensitive?


August 19, 2014

Clara: As I’ve mentioned to you several times previously, what I was afraid of did happen due to the reports about my contract with Polaris. I hope you take appropriate action.

Clara: (sends certification of contents from previous agency, Galaxia) Notice of breaching of exclusive contract: Concerning the issue that Clara’s exclusive management rights are with Galaxia.

CEO: [You] are introduced as being under Koreana Clara and Mr. Kim pretends to be the CEO, meeting all kinds of people for management.

CEO: If you’re pressuring our staff to bring in new work, but then want us to push back announcing that we’re your exclusive agency, how do you expect us to be able to do anything?

CEO: If I can give you one piece of advice, it’s that what you need to focus on more than Galaxia is your internal relations with this company. Because if your relations with this company are good, we will all help you.


September 4, 2014

Clara: I don’t want a lawsuit. They want [undisclosed amount of KRW].

CEO: That’s the amount that you were going to give them anyway, isn’t it? Just settle on giving it to them. I think focusing on working would be better.

Clara: I don’t have the money right now. They are saying they want the [amount] in one full payment. Is the company able to pay it for me?

CEO: I’ll tell the legal department and the management team to look into a solution. Discuss with them and focus on work after it’s been taken care of.

CEO: I can’t focus on anything because of the Ladies’ Code accident.

Clara: I only want to focus on work. Hang in there.


September 5, 2014

CEO: I’m going now after a having some wine, because it hurt so much after laying to rest a 22-year-old young girl who had her whole life ahead of her.

CEO: Our [company] family all came to pay respects and some even stayed for the three days, which made the time bearable.

CEO: Not even just broadcast affiliates, but hundreds of celebrities came by. People were talking about the fact that someone from our family didn’t even show their face or send a message.

CEO: I want to at least hear some sort of excuse. That you only ever talk to me about things regarding you didn’t look good, either. Even idols that I’ve never even met came by at 3am, and the the whole country is in mourning.

Clara: Director, I’m really upset, too. I really wanted to go pay my respects to EunB, and I’m really sorry that I couldn’t. I’m in mourning too.


September 17, 2014

CEO: I received a brief report from the legal department and management team, and I think I’m going to have to hear your opinion.. Dinner or wine is fine with me.

Clara: Wine tomorrow night works for me.


September 18, 2014

CEO: Can we push [wine] back to tomorrow?

Clara: I’m free tomorrow afternoon.

CEO: Okay.


September 19, 2014

CEO: When we meet tomorrow, I want to hear your honest thoughts. While I am the owner of the company, I can’t know or have a hand in everything.

CEO: Anything to do with the company, tell the company president, legal team, or your manager, and just contact me when it’s something you really need.

CEO: Meeting you was different from other celebrities and exciting, but now my heart is heavy. Let’s have a good meeting tomorrow.


September 24, 2014

CEO: I thought it was great that we had met, but now that it’s come to this, it’s a shame.

CEO: I received a certification of contents under your father’s name today, and I want to confirm that it’s what you want, as well.

CEO: If you’re sure about what you want, I’ll give up.

Clara: I’m sure.


October 5, 2014

Clara: You said you were giving up, but it looks like you sent yet another certification of contents. You wanted a reply by noon today, so I’m sending you a text.

Clara: I really hate you.

CEO: I thought of you as a sensible person, and I wanted to do by best to the end, but seeing as how you’ll say anything now, it’s regrettable.

CEO: And you don’t even send what’s true in the content certification. Why are you so sensitive about sending what’s true?

CEO: You can’t beat the truth with lies!

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