Kahi Announces Decision to Leave Pledis Entertainment

Kahi, ex-member of After School, will be leaving her managing agency, Pledis Entertainment.

On January 19, she posted on Twitter, “It’s the sixth anniversary of After School, as well as the time for me to leave this managing agency.”

She showed her gratitude towards her agency by saying, “Thank you Pledis, for taking me in, even when I wasn’t ready, and helping my dreams come true. I will be working my hardest to become better, wherever I may be.”

A Pledis representative said, “It is true that our contract with Kahi has expired. Both sides decided to part since she has a field that she wants to focus on.”

Kahi made her debut as the leader of After School in 2009. After graduating from After School in June 2012, she came back as a solo artist with the studio album “Who Are You?” Afterwards, she has been exploring the musical fields by starring in acts such as “Bonnie and Clyde” and “All Shook Up.”