G.Soul Holds No Grudge against JYP for 15 Years of Training

After 15 years in the making, artist G.Soul has finally made his debut in Korean music scene.

In an interview with Star News, the rookie, who was under the wing of JYP Entertainment for 15 years, expressed his true feelings about the training period.

G.Soul began his training since he was 12, when he caught the eye of Park Jin Young on SBS‘ “Talent Development Project 99%” in 2001. He had a voice suitable for R&B music that many Korean singers want to have.

G Soul then and now

When asked whether or not he had a grudge against the agency after 15 years, he answered, “I never resented JYP during the 15 years it took for me to get here. I’m the type of person who doesn’t really think about age. After all, I’m still in my 20’s. Of course, it would’ve been nice if I had debuted earlier, but I’m here now and I have my own style of singing.”

He was also asked if he ever felt lonely choosing to stay behind in America after JYP decided to go back to Korea. He confessed, “I didn’t make a grand announcement, adamant to be left behind, but I think it was a really good decision. I’m sure I wasn’t ready to debut back then. I feel like I can start to develop as a true artist at this point, and I’m glad to be joining the music scene,” he said.

When questioned about the compulsory military service, he answered, “I think I can stay active with my music for about two to three years. [After that] of course I should go to the military. Of course, I think it’s necessary to go.”

G Soul bookcase shot

Meanwhile, G.Soul debuted with an album titled “Coming Home” and recently released a music video for song “You.”

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