Infinite H Releases Track List for “Fly Again,” Featuring Swings, Taewan, Lovelyz, and More

Infinite‘s rap sub-unit Infinite H has released the track list for their comeback mini album “Fly Again.”

The track list that they have released consists of seven songs, featuring a variety of artists. Both Dongwoo and Hoya have contributed to the lyrics and the songwriting on various songs.

The first track “Fly Again” features DJ IT, while third track “I’m Not Going Anywhere” features R&B vocalist Yang Dail. The fourth track “Collide” features Ryu Soo Jung of Woollim‘s newest girl group Lovelyz. 

The fifth rack “I’m Busy Sorry” features rapper Swings and Champagne of Champagne & Candle, while sixth track “Jekyll and Hyde” features vocalist Taewan. The last track “Only If You Are Crazy” features Sanchez of Phantom.

Infinite H, which consists of the group’s two rappers Hoya and Dongwoo, will be officially coming back with their title track “Pretty” on January 26.

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