Jung Hyung Don Confesses that He Doesn’t Keep In Touch with G-Dragon

Jung Hyung Don made an honest confession that he does not really keep in touch with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon.

On MBC FM 4U‘s “This Morning is Jung Ji Young” on January 20, Jung Hyung Don spoke honestly about his relationship with G-Dragon.

They were speaking about what type of programs Jung Hyung Don would do if he became a radio DJ. Regarding a corner titled “Idols Are Human Too,” Jung Ji Young explained, “You would call up idols and counsel them on their problems.”

Jung Hyung Don said he liked the idea, and that he would like to try it out if he ever became a radio DJ. Jung Ji Young then asked who he could call up on the spot, and mentioned G-Dragon, who Jung Hyung Don teamed up with for a special song and performance on “Infinity Challenge.”

At this, Jung Hyung Don sighed, “GD… When did I last hear from him…” and then said to G-Dragon on air, “How are you? I’m very well,” inciting laughter.