Lee Min Jung Determined to Give Birth in Korea

Actress Lee Min Jung has voiced wishes to give birth to her first child in Korea.

Lee Min Jung’s agency MSTeam Entertainment told the media on January 19, “Lee Min Jung has returned to Korea [from the United States] to shoot a commercial, but she has not decided whether she will stay in Korea or leave for the States again,” adding, “since it’s her private life, we haven’t confirmed with her directly.”

However, they continued, “But she seems to think that staying with her husband during her pregnancy would be better. She also wants to give birth in Korea, even if she has to spend most of her time in the States until she gives birth. If she wants to stay with her husband [in the United States,] she will return to Korea before her due date.”

Lee Byung Hun, despite the recent controversy regarding the blackmailing case, is currently residing in the United States.

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