Jung Yong Hwa Wants to Collaborate with IU and Ailee for His next Album

During a private showcase Jung Yong Hwa hosted for his first solo album “One Fine Day,” he was questioned whether there are other artists he wants to collaborate with in the future. He answered, “There are so many. For this album I didn’t have any [collaborations] with women artists. For my next album, I want to sing a sweet duet with a woman. I have a song prepared already.”

He then added, “The artists I want [to sing with] are IU and Ailee since I’m already close with them. Also, I really want to collaborate with an artist named Sunwoo Jung Ah because she has a unique voice. I would be very thankful if she is willing to collaborate.”

IU Ailee

When asked why he did not collaborate with anyone from his agency, he replied, “Rather than asking [the agency] to do me a favor, I wanted to work with artists I already thought about collaborating with first. Maybe it was out of arrogance, but I wanted to work with other sunbaes. Next time though, I’ll work with those [in the agency] if they want to.”

Meanwhile, Jung Yong Hwa collaborated with many acclaimed artists for his new album such as YB’s Yoon Do Hyun, Verbal Jint, Yang Dong Geun, JJ Lin, and guitarist Peter Malick.

jung yong hwa