Jung Eun Woo Shares the Story of His Love with Park Han Byul on “Taxi”

Jung Eun Woo revealed his entire love story on tvN‘s “Taxi.”

On the January 20 episode of tvN’s “Taxi,” actors In Kyo Jin and Jung Eun Woo appeared as guests and talked about their love stories. In particular, Jung Eun Woo attracted attention by mentioning his relationship with Park Han Byul.

The athletic actor who has the surprising charm of enjoying writing poetry as well, revealed the story between himself and Park Han Byul for the first time on “Taxi.” They had shared chemistry together during work, and were sharing interests when their relationship developed.

In particular, Jung Eun Woo said, “We went SCUBA diving together and she was so pretty when she was lifting the heavy equipment without any sort of coyness.” He then relayed that they were walking together on the beach at night when he confessed his love for her. Besides that, he also spoke about their relationship after the news of their relationship got out, their first kiss and other truthful accounts of their love story.

In Kyo Jin also shared his love story with So Yi Hyun, saying that he confessed after falling in love with her after filming a drama together as lovers. However, she didn’t get back to him for four months, and when they met again at a restaurant, So Yi Hyun confessed that she thought for such a long time because she wanted to date very carefully. In Kyo Jin also revealed that his father showed his love for his daughter-in-law by registering in So Yi Hyun’s fan club.

Also, texts between In Kyo Jin and So Yi Hyun, as well as those between Jung Eun Woo and Park Han Byul’s texts to each other were revealed, in which they made gifts and took proof shots of them.