Victoria Says She Is Lonely Without Having f(x) Members By Her Side

f(x) member Victoria revealed how much of a moral support her members are to her in a recent interview that went along with an elegant pictorial for the February issue of the fashion magazine “InStyle.”

Held in several streets and apartments in Paris, the pictorial featured Victoria wearing a retro styled outfit to give her a Parisian charm. Victoria took the lead in getting fully prepared, trying on the outfits beforehand and observing all the makeup materials. She especially pleased the staff by cooking them her special ramen recipe.

During the interview, Victoria opened up about her movie “My Sassy Girl 2” by saying, “Though I felt pressured at first due to its previous success, I was able to find my courage because I played the role of a Chinese girl who barely speaks Korean.” When reviewing the filming period she said, “I had so much fun filming with Cha Tae Hyun and I think my silly personality is reflected in the movie as well.”

“I am so thankful for this opportunity to act,” she added. “I am, however, lonely without my fellow members by my side,” revealing her affection for f(x).

Fans will be able to see Victoria’s pictorials and interview in “InStyle” in the February issue.

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