Dok2 Reveals That He Used to Live In a Container Box Because of Financial Difficulties

Rapper Dok2 talked about the difficult times he experienced in the past, before becoming his current successful self.

On the January 20 episode of Mnet’s “4 Things Show,” Dok2 revealed that he used to live in a container box.

On this day, as he was talking about his relationship with Double K, Dok2 said, “We used to hang out when I used to live in a container box.” He added, “Things were bad financially since I was young. I did not want to commit crimes, and I wanted to succeed in an honorable way with my rapping and my music.”

Dok2 also surprised the viewers by saying, “When I used to live in a container box, I had so little money that I was even kicked out of my company.” He then said, “That was the time I really practiced music a lot. I didn’t have any money, and all I had as my computer, so I had nothing else to do but music. I worked hard and came this far because I wanted to let Double K hear my music.”

Meanwhile, “4 Things Show” is a program that conducts interviews with the celebrities as well as those around them so that their true selves can be revealed. It closely follows the celebrity’s life, and shows the honest, human side of celebrities.