Woman Crush Wednesday: “Dream High’s” Shi Kyung Jin

Dream High” was a drama that I really enjoyed watching and will even re-watch on occasion. There’s no question that the vocal abilities of all the main characters (and there were many!) was nothing short of impressive. The acting skills were not lacking either, even if it had been a hot topic for debate. Still, it wasn’t only because of the soundtrack that I adored the drama, it was for the development of all the characters as well.

Teacher Shi Kyung Jin, while a supporting character, was never insignificant and was someone who truly captured my heart. Her transition from firm and unsympathetic to warm and charming was not as blatantly obvious and drastic as, say, Go Hye Mi, but it was definitely present – all thanks to the teachers she was working with and from observing the perseverance of the students she had once deemed a failure.

Without giving too much away right in the introduction, here are five precise reasons why Shi Kyung Jin is this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday. (Spoilers ahead!)

1. She’s amusing.


I like that Shi Kyung Jin is comical in a natural, personable way. She’s usually such a strict and proper character, that it becomes hilarious to see her suddenly lose her composure by way of shock, surprise, or fear. (And by fear, I definitely mean the kind where someone sneaks up behind her and startles her.)

But even more amusing than those unexpected facial expressions that already makes my day is when Shi Kyung Jin breaks out of her neutral expression with a flirty smile, a squeal of delight, or a cutesy glance in the mirror after dolling herself up (a la girly, flowery hair clip) for a certain teacher… He he.

2. Shi Kyung Jin’s dignified yet sassy.

She holds herself with poise, grace, and elegance. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t lose her composure, as proven in the first reason and in the video, but Shi Kyung Jin is a person who is usually in full control of herself and her actions. She’s very self confident and sassy, with dignity and just a bit of haughtiness. Overall, it’s a nice mix that’s not at all overbearing.

3. She’s a great teacher.


Even though her teaching method has the potential of backfiring, much like the situation with Yoon Baek Hee, Shi Kyung Jin is actually a really fantastic teacher. She’s strict because it’s necessary, especially in the type of career the students are wishing, hoping, and dreaming for. She’s motivational and inspirational by setting a great example and she pushes her students with the perfect amount of pressure – enough to know she means business, but not to the point where the students are losing their mind over stress. Shi Kyung Jin understands the need to work hard for success and the key to allowing the students to further develop their skills, both of which she fully utilizes on a daily basis.

4. Shi Kyung Jin is realistic.

For some, this may not be a positive reason, but to me, I think it is. In Dramaland, Shi Kyung Jin’s way of thinking can, and usually is, proven wrong, but in reality, the chances of Shi Kyung Jin being accurate in her assumptions about false hope and promises leading to cruel failure is high. I like that she doesn’t have her head up in the clouds and can be realistic about the world. It’s not to say that it’s okay to crush someone’s fragile wings, but in the entertainment business, criticism and failure is probably a common occurrence. If one loses their will to fight for their dream, then perhaps that dream wasn’t important enough. With her method, she’s keeping things real and that’s respectable. (Still, that doesn’t mean Shi Kyung Jin doesn’t encourage her students when necessary because of their sudden improvement and display of potential. She knows what’s what around Kirin Art School!)

5. She’s enthusiastic.


Ask Shi Kyung Jin about music, dance, Kirin Art School, or her job in general and she will respond with great passion and joy. There’s definitely a great appeal in finding a woman who is enthusiastic about her career and truly has a love for it, as portrayed by Shi Kyung Jin, especially during the moment in which Kim Pil Suk reveals her gift of absolute pitch. She’s excited to share her knowledge, finds happiness in her students’ success, and takes pride in knowing that her students are learning well while under her care. To have a hobby or a career you love that much isn’t easy, but with Shi Kyung Jin, no one can ever doubt her love.

Through the daily lives of six students and their constant strive to achieve their dreams, Shi Kyung Jin was touched, surprised, impressed, and more. Without them, she, surely, would not have become the person that she was at the end. Her change was the result of her affecting her students and vice versa. This kind of cycle is the kind I like to see best and the outcome was one that I loved, which makes Shi Kyung Jin absolutely worthy of making it to our Woman Crush Wednesday list.

Bonus Reason


One more reason just for that hair flip! I had to! Ha ha ha.

So, what did you think about Shi Kyung Jin? Was she one of your favorite characters in “Dream High”? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below and remember to nominate those lady crushes for February’s Mystery Reveal! (It’ll be taking place the week of Valentine’s Day, so it’s good timing to confess, right? Right?)

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