Jackson from GOT7 Confesses on “Happy Together” That JYP Always Scolds Him

Jackson from GOT7 opened up about his encounters with Park Jin Young (JYP) on KBS2’s “Happy Together.”

On the upcoming January 22 episode of “Happy Together,” when the program’s hosts ask if he was ever scolded by JYP, Jackson says, “I’ve never not been scolded by JYP.”

As everyone bursts out in laughter, Jackson also adds, “I’ve only been complimented once by him. I was walking past the recording room, and JYP complimented my shoes.”

He also talked about his school days, and the big ego he had during his youth.

“I was popular in school because I took up fencing,” he said. “Because of my puberty, I always thought I was cool. I even played a lot of basketball to impress the girls. I felt that if I sunk in baskets, the girls would confess their love for me.”

“Happy Together” airs every Thursday at 11:10 p.m. on KBS2.