SISTAR’s Dasom Unveils Her Jung Yong Hwa Lookalike Brother on “SISTAR’s Showtime”

SISTAR member Dasom showed off her older brother on the latest episode of MBC Everyone reality program “SISTAR’s Showtime,” which aired at 6 p.m. on January 22. Fans of CNBLUE will be amazed to see that Dasom’s brother bears a more than a passing resemblance to Jung Yong Hwa.

Dasom brought her brother as part of a section of the show that called for the members of SISTAR to introduce their “boyfriends.”

Viewers were dazzled by Dasom’s brother’s clear skin and tender smile, as well as his gentle attitude to his younger sister.

As part of the show, Dasom and her brother showed their brotherly and sisterly affection by making a pizza together and feeding each other. Dasom also expressed her love for her older brother by applying lip salve to his lips when she noticed that they were looking dry.