Video: Eric Nam, Nicole, and SPICA Kick Off 2015 on AS4U!

This week’s “A Song For You” decided to heat things up – they’ve done two-for-one specials before, those are old news. This week marks the first ever THREE for one special, with superstar guests: Eric Nam, Nicole, and SPICA! The theme for the episode was “A New Beginning in 2015,” meaning that this was the year for the three guests to really shine.

But, alas, we can’t have everything and unfortunately MC Kangin was absent from filming – putting more responsibility on Amber and Sungjae to be extra-amazing (a responsibility that they gleefully accepted as code for “we won’t be edited out”).
Check out our highlights for Episode 21 and don’t forget that you can watch it on SoompiTV!

1. Amber’s introduction of Eric Nam.


So sweet, so friend.

2. The “accidental” reveal of…

as4u-21-eric-nam-sihyun-spica as4u-21-eric-nam-being-bullied-spica

… SPICA member Sihyun‘s age. Eric Nam was promptly beaten for the reveal – but honestly, SPICA may be older than your average K-pop group but age ain’t nothing but a number. They will be remembered for their killer vocals!

3. Did you know…

as4u-21-eric-nam-no-dance as4u-21-eric-nam-dancing-fail

… that Eric Nam’s CEO told him never to dance again? I don’t know why, I thought he was actually pretty good! (Despite the fact that he was sobbing as Amber made him dance.)

4. The game… oh the game.

as4u-spica-eric-nam-game-3 as4u-21-spica-eric-nam-sungjae-game-4

Dear Josef from Alberta (a Soompier!), thank you for this hilarity. Nothing like making your favorite celebs pick up marshmallows with their elbows!

5. The performances!

as4u-21-spica-performance as4u-21-eric-nam-nicole-performance

With vocalists like these, you know the performances are going to be ah-mazing! SPICA performed a special cover of Brandy’s “Right Here” and Nicole & Eric Nam covered Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway.”

And now, catch the full episode in all of its hilarity:

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