BIGBANG to Appear on DragonTV’s “Lunar New Year Special”

Chinese media is reporting that BIGBANG will be appearing on DragonTV’s “Lunar New Year Special.”

The special’s guest performers were hinted at on the channel’s official Weibo page on January 18 with four pictures featuring only the artist’s silhouettes and several word clues (such as “famous star,” “global idol,” “the best group,” and “high popularity”). One of the released photos, featured below, looks very much like a silhouette of BIGBANG, and many people guessed that the group would be one of the show’s guest performers.

Big Bang Silhouette

These beliefs were confirmed by Chinese media reports, which stated that the group will perform hit songs such as “Lies” and “Haru Haru.” DragonTV’s special previously featured PSY in 2013, who created a sensation with his appearance. This year’s special is scheduled to air on February 19.