Nine Muses Make an Impressive Return with “Drama” MV

On January 23, Nine Muses dropped their music video for “Drama,” the title track of their comeback mini album.

The song starts unconventionally with energetic raps line held down by Euaerin and Sunga. Vocalists Hyuna, Kyungri, and Hyemi take over and show off their singing chops.

The instrumentation of “Drama” mixes funk with synthesizers a la the 1970s-1980s. Despite the angsty subject matter of the song, being in a love triangle with a best friend over the same guy, the melody and choreography is lively and upbeat.

The girls also amped up the sex appeal, wearing lacy outfits and flirting with the camera behind a red curtain.

Meanwhile, Nine Muses kicked off their activities on January 22 with a performance on M!Countdown, marking their official comeback after one year and one month. The group was last active in December 2013.

On January 23, the group released all of the tracks on their mini album “Drama” through various music sites. “Drama” covers the entire range of love and relationships, from a love confession made 100 days before Christmas in “September 17” to a tearful breakup in “Jooreureuk.”

Check out the music video below!