Press Releases Interview with Anonymous Acquaintance of Hong Jong Hyun; Claims the Relationship Rumor is True

In response to the resurfacing rumor of Hong Jong Hyun and Nana dating, an anonymous acquaintance of Hong Jong Hyun claimed that the two are indeed a couple.

A press released interview of Hong Jong Hyun’s acquaintance, who wished to be kept anonymous, claimed that the rumors were true. He also wondered why the rumors came out so late, as Hong Jong Hyun and Nana have been “dating for a long time.”

He shared, “Hong Jong Hyun and Nana were going through hard times together around last year. So after featuring in ‘Style Log’ together, Hong Jong Hyun showed interest in Nana first, and she accepted his feelings and they became a couple. Hong Jong Hyun and Nana talk on the phone in front of their friends without hesitation, and say each other’s names out loud. Hong Jong Hyun calls Nana by her real name ‘Im Jin Ah.’ They usually go on dates in Gangnam area.”

hong jong hyun nanan

He also added, “Both of them have straightforward personalities. They don’t care about others’ eyes and have been going on dates without hesitation. So I thought they would admit that the rumor was true, but I was surprised they denied it.”

Meanwhile, the PD of “We Got Married” announced that filming of the show will not be postponed or canceled because the rumors are not true. Nana and Hong Jong Hyun’s agency also retorted that they were not in a relationship. Moreover, many netizens have expressed that the rumor cannot be considered true without any proof such as photos or authentications from Hong Jong Hyun and Nana.


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