Uhm Ji On from “Superman Returns” Loves Her Noodles In Recent Preview Stills

Actor Uhm Tae Woong who recently joined the popular TV show “Superman Returns” is looking amazed to see how well his daughter Uhm Ji On is enjoying her noodles. These pictures were taken from the preview stills of the show.

The father and his 18 months-old daughter were out on their first dine-out and they chose a udon restaurant.

Apparently, Ji On’s eating scene reminded her father of Choi Min Shik eating a live octopus from the movie “Old Boy.” This made Uhm Tae Woong to say, “You’re like the old boy~.”

Since her first appearance in the show, Uhm Ji On has been unanimously praised and loved by the audience for her calm personality and her habit of smiling every time. Furthermore, unlike many other kids, Ji On only cries for a few seconds and reverts back to smiling.

This is the scene where Choi Min Shik from “Old Boy” devours the live octopus.

Choi Min Shik with the octopus