Yoon Mi Rae and Tiger JK Talk about Their Unchanging Love for Each Other

Yoon Mi Rae and Tiger JK’s couple pictorial for Sure was revealed.

On January 22, the fashion magazine Sure revealed Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae’s couple pictorial. The associates with the pictorial said, “The two people who have now been married for nine years showed their love story of their free spirits through his pictorial. The two of them, who are now walking the road of music while living freely, showed off their loving chemistry at the photo shoot for the pictorial.”

The couple said, “We still feel as though we’re dating. While we were married, we have never forced any role upon each other because we were married. There are no differences in our relationship between then and now.”

Yoon Mi Rae said, “Love is simple. People think of it as being complicated and difficult, but it’s actually simple. It just happens as you live.” Tiger JK added on, “As soon as you put a condition on it, it’s not love.”

Yoon Mi Rae also showed his affection for Tiger JK, saying, “If I hadn’t met Tiger JK, I would probably still be doing music, but I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now.”