Hani’s Manager Warns Kangnam Not to Ask for Her Number during Photoshoot

Pictorials of the two rising stars, Kangnam and Hani, were revealed through the February issue of the fashion magazine @star1.

Under the theme “Popular couple,” the two were said to have skillfully proceeded throughout the photo shoot unlike any other newly debuted idol, catching the attention of the entire staff.

This pictorial, however, became more of an issue after Kangnam exposed the comical backstory in JTBC‘s “Inside Story Salon.”

Under the topic “Taboos,” he revealed, “I recently went through a photo shoot with EXID’s Hani. An hour before the photo shoot, her manager personally called me.”

“The manager called saying, ‘Don’t ask for her number. I’m kidding. But don’t act like you’re her boyfriend. Just act like the two of you are good friends. I’m just kidding.’ I was so mad. I’ve never asked for someone’s phone number before,” Kangnam said.

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