Suzy Transformed into a Lower Class Maiden in Still Cut of Upcoming Movie “Dorihwaga”

In a still cut from her upcoming movie “Dorihwaga,” singer and actress Suzy has transformed into a lower class maiden from Joseon Dynasty, wearing no makeup and dressed in a shabby hanbok.

In “Dorihwaga,” Suzy will depict Joseon’s first-ever female master singer of pansori (traditional Korean singing). The character Jin Chae Seon is based on a historical figure who lived during the Gojong period of the Joseon Dynasty and was taught and trained by pansori theoretician Shin Jae Hyo (played by Ryu Seung Ryong). Suzy reportedly received actual pansori training to prepare for her role.

Suzy, who just finished shooting for “Dorihwaga,” commented, “The past four months during which I lived as Jin Chae Seon were difficult but joyful.” She also asked for a lot of support and love, saying “I worked very hard on this project in order to show a new side of myself.”

“Dorihwaga” has finished filming and is launching into the second half of production. Because it has already been three years since Suzy’s last film, “Introduction to Architecture,” many are looking forward to the release of this movie.