Girl’s Day’s Yura Wants to Be Lovey-Dovey Like the SoRim Couple on “We Got Married”

Girl’s Day’s Yura recently showed her desire to compete for the title of ‘lovey-dovey’ couple with her on-screen husband, Hong Jong Hyun, on “We Got Married.”

During the January 24 broadcast of MBC’s variety program “We Got Married, “ cameras captured Yura and Hong Jong Hyun as they made their way to attend the year-end ‘2014 MBC Entertainment Awards’ ceremony.

On this day, as the two people were one their to the event location, Yura was unable to hide her excitement for being able to meet the Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun couple for the first time.

However, the Girl’s Day member had a few worries: “Don’t you think they are going to be extremely lovey-dovey in front of us?” In response, Hong Jong Hyun stated, “Let’s watch them from the viewers’ perspective.”

Yura then expressed her competitive nature, saying, “We can’t lose to them. We have to become just as lovey-dovey as them,” causing laughter all around.