Hyorin Surprises Herself with Her Bare Face on “I Live Alone”

On the January 23 broadcast of MBC variety show “I Live Alone,” Hyorin is a guest, revealing her home to the program, and she panics as she sees her bare, no-makeup face.

The show includes a clip of Hyorin waking up in the morning, with her puffy eyes and makeup-free face. Hyorin, who is watching the clip in a studio recording, seems upset and cries, “Wow!” and laughs at her appearance on screen. Seeing Hyorin’s unkempt appearance, co-hosts Jeon Hyun Moo and Kim Kwang Gyu joke, “Hey, it’s Yook Joong Wan,” referring to their co-host who has a disheveled image.

Throughout the program, Hyorin shows her love for cats. She states, “I wanted to show viewers my cats more than myself. I don’t raise one or two, I raise three cats.” Only after preparing her cats’ food does she make and eat her own breakfast.

hyorin i live alone