Lee Min Ho Talks Hollywood + What He Did with His First-Ever Paycheck

Actor Lee Min Ho recently discussed the possibility of advancing into Hollywood as well as the first-ever paycheck he received at the beginning of his career in the industry.

On January 24, the actor took part in the ‘Guerilla Date’ segment of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly.”

During the interview, Lee Min Ho was asked about his thoughts on possibly entering the Hollywood market, to which he responded, “I don’t think it’s the time now, but if given the opportunity later, I would like to [advance into Hollywood].”

The reporter then asked about the actor’s first job: “I was a commercial test model. It’s what you film the day before the actual commercial shoot. I think I earned about 300,000 or 500,000 KRW (~$300 or 500 USD).”

When asked how he spent his very first paycheck, Lee Min Ho shared, “I remember using it to play with friends,” causing laughter.