Original “Hyde Jekyll, Me” Webtoon Writer Deletes Twitter after Accusing “Kill Me, Heal Me” of Plagiarism

The writer who wrote “Dr. Jekyll Is Mr. Hyde,” the original web-based comic (webtoon) that the drama “Hyde Jekyll, Me” is based on, has deleted his Twitter account.

Presently, writer Lee Choong Ho’s Twitter, @CHOONGHOda, has been deleted and is currently unavailable.

He had been actively posting on the social network even just two days prior, making clear his official stance for the plagiarism controversy surrounding “Kill Me, Heal Me” and “Hyde Jekyll, Me.”

Lee Choong Ho said on January 23 through his Twitter, “‘Dr. Jekyll Is Mr. Hyde’ and drama ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ ended up having very many differences in their production stages, but in order to use my product and ideas, ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ associates paid the appropriate fees.” He then said, “Even when they produce work in Hollywood, it is said that it is common practice for them to pay appropriate fees and acquire rights to the idea even if it is just slightly similar to a previously existing work. If someone pays appropriate fees to use an idea and if someone else changes it up a bit to get a free ride, who will make dramas and movies after paying appropriate fees from now on?”

At this, the “Kill Me, Heal Me” producers said that they didn’t understand why they would have to pay appropriate fees when the drama was not plagiarized. SBS has the same views; they expressed their disapproval, saying that they also did not know with what intention writer Lee Choong Ho made the posts.

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