“We Got Married” Producer Forced to Explain after Negative Response on Hong Jong Hyun – Yura Airport Video

We Got Married” is a fantasy marriage variety program, and viewers are well aware that the couples are not really dating, much less are they married. However, a lot was said by Korean netizens, both criticizing and defending Hong Jong Hyun and Yura, after a short 15-second fan video of the two was posted online, in which they do not appear as they do on television. The response was especially hot considering the recent dating rumors involving Hong Jong Hyun and After School‘s Nana.

The video was posted on a Korean portal site with the caption “Hong Jong Hyun is indifferent towards his partner Yura. ‘We Got Married’ is, in the end, just a business.”

The response to the video was such that “We Got Married” producer Sun Hye Yoon even felt compelled to explain. In a phone call with OSEN on January 25, the producer said, “The video was taken at the Bali airport. A lot of fans flocked to the airport, and due to safety concerns, they were told to hurry. If you watch, both Hong Jong Hyun and Yura’s managers are hurrying them to their destination. Because the local security department had an issue with cameras, [our] cameras had been taken away at the time. The video just shows us leaving after filming had been canceled. It’s not a situation where Hong Jong Hyun coldly turned his back on Yura.”

“When on site, there are times when the two [Hong Jong Hyun and Yura] are playing around, and when the film schedule is tight, there are times when everyone is just in a hurry. Even when the cameras are off, I’ve seen the two joke with each other,” the producer said.

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